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Villa Kanna gives you a real ‘home’ feeling on a different corner of Bali Island but what makes it so much better (apart from its unspoilt wilderness).

Kanna Seafront Estate Villas

Villa Kannaya

  • Three bedrooms are equipped with en-suite, queen bed
  • The spacious bathroom with a freestanding egg-shaped white marble bathtub
  • An outdoor swimming pool
  • A lofty lounge area
  • A magnificent garden right on the oceanfront.
  • Modern kitchen with a section of cut-out wall.
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Villa Kannahita & Kannandari

  • Six bedrooms are equipped with en suite
  • An outdoor lagoon style pool
  • Both villas have a stand-alone fully-equipped kitchen.
  • A breathtakingly vast garden expanse
  • A couple of decking areas jutting out over the ocean
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